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What is important to you in buying or selling a house? What if there was a way to guarantee that you find the right home and don’t pay too much? What if there was a way to help get you the most you can for your current home? All in a time frame that fits your needs… Want to see every home that matches your criteria, not just the ones on Zillow? No problem. Want to see the new listing the minute it’s listed so you stand a chance of seeing or buying it, not days or weeks later so you lose out? Easy. Want to know that your house is being seen and it reaches all potential buyers so you can sell for top dollar? Of course. Want to know your Realtor is looking out for you and your interests and will be honest with you ~ even when you may not want to hear it? Of course. This is what buying or selling a home should look like. But does it? Not usually. My name is Barbara Farner, and I want to make finding the right home or selling your current home easy, fun and exciting, as it should be. That’s why I give you complete access to search the MLS, along with all the other home searches you probably don’t know about. You can find your new home or see what homes around you are selling for. You can then feel comfortable with your decisions because you know what is going on around you. It’s 100% free, no strings attached. That way you can Move Smart ... Live Well. Start by clicking the blue button below.

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